Mission & vision


Our purpose

To inspire in all people a wonder and curiosity about life on Earth.

Our vision

We will use our world-class collections to create and share new knowledge, focusing on Australian Aboriginal and Pacific cultures, Earth and Life Sciences.

Our focus areas

  1. Present a modern visitor-focused museum.
  2. Demonstrate excellence in our collections, research and science.
  3. Secure our long-term financial future through multiple strategies.
  4. Deliver vibrant and engaging programmes linking collections and research.

Our objectives

In committing to these priorities through seven key objectives we will: 

  1. seek to maximise visitor satisfaction;
  2. ensure the economic sustainability of the Museum;
  3. develop our strategic partnerships;
  4. redevelop the Museum site as funds permit;
  5. integrate, connect and leverage our collections and research to generate new knowledge;
  6. develop our public programme and engagement capabilities; and
  7. ensure that the Museum operates as a modern, effective and efficient organisation.