Mr Ralph Foster

Collection Manager Ichthyology

+61 8 8207 7661


Ralph took up the position of full-time Collection Manager in Ichthyology in July 2011.


Research Interests 

The use of molecular systematics to identify new fish species (cryptic diversity) and determine evolutionary relationships in certain fish groups of interest.

The diversity and distributions of fishes in southern Australia.


Community Engagement 

Verifying scientist for South Australia on Redmap website.


Media Expertise

The diversity and distributions of fishes in southern Australia. 



  1. Larson, H. K, Foster, R., Humphreys, W. M., and Stevens, M. I. (2013). A new species of the blind cave gudgeon Milyeringa (Pisces: Gobioidei, Eleotridae) from Barrow Island, Western Australia, with a redescription of M. veritas Whitley. Zootaxa 3616: 135–150. 
  2. Hammer, M. P., Adams, M., and Foster, R. (2012). Update to the catalogue of South Australian freshwater fishes (Petromyzontida & Actinopterygii). Zootaxa 3593: 59–74.
  3. Foster, R., Bridge, T. C. L., and Bongaerts, P. (2012). The first record of Hippocampus denise (Syngnathidae) from Australia.  International Journal of Ichthyology 18: 55–57.
  4. Foster, R. and Gomon, M. F. (2010). A new seahorse from south-western Australia. Zootaxa 2613: 61–68.