Aborigines' Friends' Association (AA 1)

Aborigines Friends Association

Established: 1858, Adelaide, South Australia
Incorporated: 1876
Last Meeting: 2000

The Aborigines’ Friends’ Association (AFA, AA 1) was established in 1858 out of concern for ‘the moral, spiritual and physical well-being’ of Australian Aboriginal people from the Northern Territory and particularly South Australia. This organisation actively operated for over 100 years, and had their final meeting in the year 2000. The AFA collection comprises over 800 photographic images, several annual reports, magazine clippings and related papers.

The South Australian Museum Archives contains photographs relating to Doug Nicholls, Rev JH Sexton, Rev George Taplin, Ernest E Kramer, David Unaipon and Albert Namatjira. This collection shows many individuals of all ages in many locations through South Australia, the Northern Territory, and other Australian locations providing us with an excellent visual record of the way of life in this era.