Anthropological Society of South Australia (AA 824)

Anthropological Society of SA

Established: June 1926

The Anthropological Society of South Australia was established in June 1926. Its founding members included Dr Robert Pulleine (President) Prof Frederick Wood Jones, Prof Thomas Draper Campbell (AA 52) and Charles Pearcy Mountford (AA 228) (committee members) and Norman Barnett Tindale (Secretary, AA 338). Many other individuals who later became prominent in the study of South Australian and Australian archaeology and anthropology were also members of the Society in the 1920s and 1930s. The aims of the Society were the study of the Australian Aboriginal people and to encourage the collection of information on their habits and customs.

The South Australian Museum Archives contains ethnographic data compiled by members from questionnaires and other sources, reports, notes and other documentary material collected in the 1920s.