Badcoe, Major Peter John (SAMA 1129)

Major Peter John Badcoe

Born: 11 January 1934, Malvern,South Australia
Died: 7 April 1967, near An Thuan village, South Vietnam

Peter John Badcoe was born Peter John Badcock on 11 January 1934 in Malvern, South Australia to Gladys Mary Ann May (nee Overton) and Leslie Allen Badcock. Badcoe attended Adelaide Technical High School and in 1950 entered the public service as his father did before him. On 10 June of the same year, Badcoe ended his career as a clerk and enlisted in the Australian Regular Army. On 13 December 1952, Badcoe graduated from Officer Cadet School in Portsea, Victoria as a Second Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Artillery. Postings included: 14th National Service Training Battalion (1953, 1955-1957), 1st Field Regiment (1953-1955, 1957-1958), Directorate of Military Operations and Plans at Army Headquarters (1958-1961), 4th Field Regiment (1961),103rd Field Battery (1961), 1st Field Regiment (1963-1965, Malysia). In August 1965 he transferred from artillery to infantry. Badcoe was promoted to provisional major in June 1966 and was deployed to Siagon on 6 August of the same year as a Sector Operations Adviser with the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam in the Thua Thien Province.

Badcoe received four medals from Australia including the Victoria Cross, five medals from the United States of America including the Purple Heart and four from South Vietnam (previously the Republic of Vietnam).

Badcoe died in the line of enemy fire on 7 April 1967 near An Thuan village, north west of Hue, South Vietnam. He is survived by his wife Denise (currently Clarke), daughters Carey (formerly Kerry Anne), Kim Mitchell and Susanne Nicole and his sister Thelma Kelton.

The Badcoe collection was auctioned in Sydney on 20 May 2008 by Bonhams and Goodman. The collection was sold to Kerry Stokes and the Government of South Australia for $488,000. The collection is currently in the custody of the South Australian Museum.

The South Australian Museum Archives contains aerogrammes and their transcriptions, letters of condolences, awards, citations, photographs, newspaper articles, medals and audio tape recording.