Burdon-Jones, Professor Cyril (SAMA 1070)

Professor Cyril Burdon-Jones

Born: 3 June 1919, Anglesey, North Wales, United Kingdom
Died: 24 February 2006, Adelaide, South Australia

Following his education at Holyhead Gramar School and University College of North Wales (UCNW), (where he gained an Honors degree in Zoology) Burdon-Jones undertook specialist training in Radio Communications and was commissioned in the RAOC in 1941, serving in a number of teaching and research roles until cessation of hostilities. In 1946 he returned to UCNW and commenced research work in marine sciences. He lectured at UCNW from 1946 to 1956 when he was appointed Deputy Director of the Marine Biology Station Menai Bridge. In 1965 he joined the staff of UNESCO in Paris as an expert in biological oceanography for a short period. He was appointed foundation Professor of Marine Biology at Townsville in 1967 and Director, Australian Institute of Marine Science in 1973. He retired in 1985 and moved to Brisbane in 1988. Granted Emeritus Professor status by James Cook University he joined the Queensland Museum as an Honorary Associate and undertook taxonomic studies with a view to further publication in the Fauna of Australia series. On moving to Adelaide he was appointed an Honorary Research Associate in 2000. He lectured in Welsh on BBC Radio and has an extensive list of publications to his name.

Professor Burdon-Jones was appointed Honorary Research Associate at the South Australian Museum on 21 February 2000 where he continued his research in association with Professor TH Bullock (University of California, San Diego) to revise the incomplete work of WE Ritter and KP Rao for the publication of a catalogue of worldwide Hemichordata.