Casson, Marjory Rose (AA 55)

Marjory Rose Walker

Born: 14 April 1889, Adelaide, South Australia
Died: 25 June 1965, Adelaide, South Australia

Marjory Rose Casson was born on 14 April 1889 to Annie Welch and William Walker. Soon after her father’s death, Marjory and her mother moved to Selma Station in Tasmania. Casson’s poor health led her to become a pupil of George Cockburn Henderson, Professor of History at the University of Adelaide. Henderson engaged Casson as a tutorial assistant and tutor in English literature. She married Frank Casson, father of a student, and moved to Loxton. She went on to write the town’s history which was subsequently published. Casson occupied her time with many activities including the preservation of Captain Charles Sturt’s house, Public Examination Board examiner, a memorial for Henderson and his memoirs, poet and writer. She died on 25 June 1965.

The South Australian Museum Archives contains a 234 page manuscript entitled Tasmania’s Aboriginal People, two maps drawn by BGR Saunders to accompany Casson's manuscript, and a photograph of Bessy Clark taken by Mr CA Woolley.