Crocker, Peter (SAMA 1130)

Peter Crocker

Born: July 2014, Peterborough, South Australia
Died: 20 June 1963

Robert (Bob) Langdon Crocker , Peter Crocker's father, was a professor of Biology in the University of Sydney Botany Department. In 1937, Bob Crocker, was a member of the University of Adelaide's geologist, Cecil Thomas Madigan's (1889-1947, see AA 220) expedition party to Central Australia and again in 1939 to the Simpson Desert. During the 1937 expedition, Madigan recovered the Huckitta meteorite, now in the South Australian Museum.

The South Australian Museum Archives contains an album of photographs taken on the 1937 expedition and and album of photographs taken on the 1939 expedition donated by Bob Crocker's son, Peter Crocker.