Fristrom, Carl Magnus Oscar (AA 103)

Carl Magnus Oscar Fristrom

Born: 16 January 1856, Blekinbge, Sweden
Died: 26 June 1918, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Carl Magnus Oscar Fristrom arrived in Brisbane from Sweden in 1883 and exhibited his work in the fine arts section of the annual Queensland National Association Exhibition in 1884. In 1885, Fristrom entered into partnership with the Brisbane photographer, DH Hutchinson and formed the Elite Photo Co. Fristrom was responsible for colouring and over-painting of photographic portraits which was fashionable at the time. During this time Frostrom also gained a reputation as a professional artist, painting and exhibiting landscapes and portraits.

In 1888 Fristrom exhibited an oil portrait of an Aboriginal person, ‘King Sandy’ of Brisbane at the Centennial International Exhibition. He also painted Aboriginal people in Adelaide. Fristrom went on to paint portraits of Queensland’s leading parliamentarians, professional men, Freemasons and members of prominent Brisbane families.

In the late 1880s, Fristrom was involved with Isaac Jenner and Lewis Wirth in the formation of the Queensland Art Society, the earliest of its kind in Queensland. He then formed the New Society of Arts in 1904. 

The South Australian Museum contains an oil painting and sketch of Tommy Walker.