Hyde, Matron Ruby May (AA 148)

Matron Ruby May Hyde

Born: 1891, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Died: 1982, Adelaide, South Australia

Matron Ruby May Hyde, MBE, was educated at the Melbourne Bible Institute and after graduating went onto study child care. In 1925, she replaced Miss Annie Lock and Miss Iris Harris as Matron of the United Aborigines Mission (UAM) in Oodnadatta. In 1926, Matron Hyde and Sr Delia Rutter, MBE, accompanied 12 Australian Aboriginal children to relocate in Quorn and establish Colebrook Home. Numbers in children increased and Matron Hyde and Sister Rutter saw Colebrook Home move twice more before their resignation from the UAM in 1952. They later established the Tanderra Hostel for Girls.

The South Australian Museum Archives contains 91 photographs and negatives taken throughout Matron Hyde’s time spent in the Oodnadatta and Quorn areas; most centred on the Colebrook Home and the children under her care.