O’Loughlin, Kevin (Uncle Dookie) (SAMA 1047)

Kevin O'Loughlin

Born: 23 March 1947, Wallaroo, South Australia

Kevin (Uncle Dookie) O’Loughlin was born on 23 March 1947 at Wallaroo Hospital South Australia, to Edmond O’Loughlin and Winifred Wanganeen. He attended Point Pearce Mission Station school until Grade 5 and then he was intergrated to Maitland area school in 1959. From 1961 he worked as a general farm hand on the Mission. In 1980 O’Loughlin was a student at the Aboriginal College in North Adelaide. In 1981 he commenced a traineeship with the Aboriginal studies teaching resource unit. He became a coordinator of the unit in 1982. Then in 1985 at the request of the Education Department, O’Loughlin trained Aboriginal teacher aids in Aboriginal studies. During his life, he received many awards and served on numerous committees.

The collection in the South Australian Museum contains 281 slides from Point Pearce and surrounding areas, obtained from Mrs McIntyre and Ms Channell, teachers at Point Pearce.