Reuther, Reverend Johann Georg (AA 266)

Reverend Johann Georg Reuther

Born: 3 September 1861, Rostall, Bavaria, Germany
Died: February 1914, Eudunda, South Australia

Reverend Johann Georg Reuther arrived in South Australia in October 1888. Three months later he moved to Killalpaninna, SA, where he remained with his family until 1906. During that time Reuther mangaged the mission and store, acted as postmaster as well as conducting evangelical duties. At the mission Reuther became familiar with the language of the local Australian Aboriginal people, the Dieri. He recorded their language, grammar and cultural beliefs in German as well as collected their artefacts including the toas.

The South Australian Museum Archives contains the complete Reuther manuscript and translations as well as photographs, watercolours and maps.