Scholz, Hilda Antonia (AA 780)

Hilda Antonia Scholz

Born: 4 February 1901, South Australia
Died: 6 October 1979, Australia

Hilda was born 4 February 1901 at Gruenberg Moculta, South Australia shortly after her parents, August and Bertha Irrgang had returned from Bethseda Mission.

Hilda married Paul Julius Scholz on the 17th February 1923. They had four children: two sons Eric and Geadley and two daughters Myra and Joan.

Hilda and Paul had a great interest in mission work. In 1963 they relieved Pastor and Mrs Kalleske at Areyonga in Central Australia for four months. They both said it was a highlight in their life. They visited Hermannsburg Mission and went on a camel trip for 11 days with Dudley, an Aboriginal guide. The party travelled to Glen Helen in the MacDonnell Ranges and as well as Palm Valley covering 230 miles on four camels. They appreciated the scenery and rock formations along the way.

The South Australian Museum Archives comprises two photograph albums, six journals and a newspaper cutting book.