Smith, William Thomas Lingwood (AA 295)

William Thomas Lingwood Smith

Born: 2 December 1860, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Died: 1 October 1933, Wayville, South Australia

William Thomas Lingwood Smith was born on 2 December 1860 in Ballarat Victoria. He joined the South Australian Police Force on 1 September 1888 where he worked as a  Detective Photographer until his retirement on 30 June 1922. During that time he pioneered fingerprinting and became an expert in the Criminal Investigation Branch of the South Australian Police Department.

Smith died on 1 October 1933 as a result of hypostatic pneumonia following injuries from a collison between a tram and a car in which he was a passenger. The accident occured on 26 September 1933 on the corner of Wattle and Duthy Streets, Malvern. His wife, the Reverend Lily Lingwood Smith was injured in the accident as well. 

The South Australian Museum Archives contains photograph albums as well as loose photographs

Image courtesy of the South Australian Police Historical Society.