Teague, Una Sybella (AA 322)

Una Sybella Teague

Born: December 1878, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Died: 1969, Emerald, Victoria, Australia

Una Sybella Teague was born in December 1878 to James Pascoe Teague and Sybella Elles. Una had two step-brothers Herbert (Bert) and Gilbert and a step-sister Violet. She had a brother Lionel who was born four years later.

In 1932-33 Una and Violet travelled to see the centre of Australia. Whilst visiting the Hermannsburg Mission they learnt about the problem of lack of water. When the sisters returned to Melbourne, they decided that funds should be raised to install a pipeline from Koporilja Springs to provide permanent water. Installation commenced on 1 December 1934 and the water came through on 1 October 1935.

Una gathered a wide collection of Aboriginal artefacts, many of these represented in places such as Oxford University (flint implements), Royal Scottish Museum (churinga), National Gallery and the bulk of her material being donated to the South Australian Museum.

Violet died in 1951 and Una continued to live at Trawalla for many years eventually moving to a house in Emerald (VIC) where she lived until her death in 1969, aged 91.

The South Australian Museum Archives contains a drawing by Tommy McRae, sketches of petroglyphs at Nukia Rockhole and papers that includes notes on tjuringas.