Iridescence Leadership Council

Detail of the wing of a Magnificent Riflebird.

Detail of a wing of a Magnificent Riflebird (Ptiloris magnificus). 

The South Australian Museum is a name and place that speaks of extraordinary collections, unparalleled scientific research expertise, as well as meaningful civic engagement for generations of South Australians.

The Museum’s Leadership Councils provide a place of camaraderie for like-minded peers with whom to share extraordinary experiences and opportunities.


Membership of the Iridescence Leadership Council (ILC) is by a one-off tax deductible gift to the South Australian Museum Foundation of $5,000. To secure your membership to the ILC, we ask that you please make your gift by no later than 10 November 2014.


• Private tours and collection visits with Museum scientists
• Exclusive pre-launch cocktail with the Museum Director, Iridescence exhibition curator and experts, Museum Board and Foundation members
• Double invitation to the VIP Opening Night Reception for Iridescence
• Complimentary exhibition passes for friends and family

Recognition and Acknowledgment

All members of the Iridescence Leadership Council will be recognised for their generosity as Fellows to the South Australian Museum Foundation on the Museum Donor Wall, situated at the entrance to the Museum. The Iridescence Leadership Council will also be recognised in all print and digital supporting materials for the Iridescence exhibition, as well as verbally acknowledged at the opening reception.

About the Iridescence Leadership Council

The Iridescence Leadership Council affords the Museum the wherewithal to create a major exhibition about this phenomenon of the natural world. As essential supporters of the Museum, Leadership Council members donate their time, services, and financial resources toward innovative exhibitions that seek to inspire in all people a wonder and curiosity about life on Earth.

Through exclusive member-only events, the Museum’s leadership councils also become an educational resource. Council members gain privileged access to the Museum through conversations with researchers and scholars, behind-the-scenes tours, visits to offsite collections, and intimate guided tours of the exhibition.