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Dr Reg Sprigg AO                                                      

The Sprigg lecture series provides visitors with access to the latest research and thinking around scientific and cultural discoveries at a local and global level and to engage with scientific ideas that affect them and their world, now and in the future.

These free lectures commemorate the life of Dr Reg Sprigg AO, a remarkable South Australian geologist who discovered the world’s oldest fossilised animals in the Flinders Ranges in 1946, now internationally recognised as the Ediacara fossils.

The Sprigg lecture series will return in 2019. In the meantime, please enjoy these recordings of previous lectures. 


Restoring the reef: How historical research informs ecological restoration

Professor Sean Connell and Dr Heidi Alleway

Sprigg lecture with Professor Sean Connell and Dr Heidi Alleway
Tuesday 16th April, 6pm – 7pm (the Museum will open to guests at 5:30pm, with a complimentary wine tasting prior to the talk)
Bookings essential; FREE


Please note: The current experience, David Attenborough's Great Barrier Reef Dive VR, will not be available during the Sprigg lecture.

Coastal marine environments have endured centuries of human use and exploitation, but these impacts can be overlooked where a new baseline for 'normal' has been accepted. This influences the way people view and interact with nature and the way we manage our activities.

We can create a more accurate picture of past environments through historical records such as reports, letters, journals and photographs, as well as museum collections and geological records. An outstanding example of the loss of knowledge of recent past ecosystems sits right at out front doorstep.

The Great Southern Reef, every bit as ecologically and economically important as the Great Barrier Reef, suffered the loss of 1600km of reef just within South Australian waters during the 1800’s. Dr Heidi Alleway and Professor Sean Connell will reveal the research that uncovered this massive loss of ecological services to our southern coastline. They will guide us through the historical research to the first risky steps of restoring the reefs that are a significant part of our lost natural and cultural heritage.

Suitable for ages 12+

There is no need to print a physical ticket. Museum staff will check off your name at the door.

As places are strictly limited please cancel your Eventbrite booking if you are unable to attend so we can secure a place for others.

Please note: The current experience, David Attenborough's Great Barrier Reef Dive VR, will not be available during the Sprigg lecture. For more information on the VR experience, please click here.

For booking enquiries, please call 8207 7575 or email programs@samuseum.sa.gov.au.

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Previous Sprigg lectures

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