Years R-12: Special Programs

Work with a Pacific Islander

An innovative new, inquiry based teaching and learning program has been developed to engage students from R-12 in learning about our near neighbours in the Pacific region. Therese Minitong-Kemelfield, a linguist and teacher from the Solomon Islands will facilitate an immersive program in which students build upon their initial investigations at school related to ‘key concepts’ outlined below. The program is not available at all times. Please contact the Education Office to check availability.


Our Near Neighbours

The programs for Primary, Middle and Senior Years students run for two hours, including a break. A modified program for the Early Years runs for one hour. Costs are $100 for an hour program. Available Mondays and Fridays.

Students are invited to explore the gallery and engage with the displays about Pacific Islander communities using hands-on artefacts in new discovery drawers, inquiry cards and flip video cameras.


Discovery Drawers

Students can collaborate in small groups using the discovery drawers to investigate artefacts made by Pacific Islander people who belong to different communities from Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Britain and New Ireland and the Solomon Islands.