National Science Week 2019


Destination Moon: More Science More missions

Workshop - Meteorites and the Moon

When: 12 -16 August 2019

Two 90 min sessions per day at 10:15 and 12:30

Suitable for years 4-7

Cost: Free 

If you would like to go on a waiting list - please contact


It's been 50 years since that first 'giant leap for mankind' by Neil Armstrong and 47 years since the last human, Eugene Cernan, walked on the moon. While many have their sights on colonizing Mars as the next milestone in space, some scientists think it's possible we could colonize the Moon sometime in the next decade with some dedicated experts and problem-solvers on the task.

One of the many challenges is to understand the effect meteorites could have on a colony. The moon's crater-marked surface shows evidence of regular impacts, possibly hundreds of thousands per day. Understanding the risks and ways to reduce them will be a key part of the Moon colony mission.


In this workshop, students will learn about different types of meteorites and handle specimens from the Museum's collection.  Then in a hands-on session, they will explore the ways craters are formed, brainstorm questions and design scientific investigations based on fair testing that could help answer their questions.


Similar investigations maybe helpful to scientists considering ways to build or shield a future space colony on the moon in the near future!