Planning your visit

Children sitting in the Main Foyer.
All school visits to the Museum, with or without a DECD Education Manager, must be booked in advance. Overcrowding in galleries reduces educational benefits for both school groups and other visitors.

Organising your visit

To facilitate safe and enjoyable education visits to the Museum we ask schools to abide by the guidelines below.

Museum rules & guidelines

Safety for school excursions

Museum map


Education Manager & Education volunteers

Some Museum visits are led by a DECD Education Manager, others are self-guided or facilitated by an Education volunteer.


Self-guided visits

For self-guided visits, galleries are generally booked for your class for an hour. Extensions of time can be negotiated. Teachers may use print materials developed by the Museum or create their own programs using our ideas for teaching.


Education Manager lessons

Lessons with a DECD Education Manager will be booked into a gallery for an hour. The DECD Education Manager will give a lesson for 45 minutes. The remaining time can be used for students to browse the gallery at their leisure or to complete activities set by their teacher.


Visits facilitated by Education volunteers

Education volunteers can provide a 30 minute introduction to a gallery. Students can then embark on any activities that their teacher has organised such as the print materials available on this site.