Whale Season Launch 2014

26 May 2014

Whale display in the Main Foyer of the South Australian Museum.

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Tomorrow, (Tuesday 27 May), the South Australian Museum welcomes visitors to the launch of the 2014 whale season.

The Museum will be buzzing as the South Australian Whale Centre stages a range of free activities for children to celebrate the season launch.

At 10.30am and 2pm, the Professor Blubber Grossology Show will entertain reception to Year 7 students with a stage show involving music, humour and interactive participation.

At 11.15am, 12pm and 1pm, the Whale Grubs Up sessions will teach Years 3 to 7 students about the feeding techniques of baleen whales.

The South Australian Whale Centre launches the season at the Museum tomorrow while the annual Whaletime Playtime Festival will be held in Victor Harbor on Sunday 1 June.

The Museum is proud to be a hub of world-renowned research into whales and other marine mammal species. With specimens on display in our galleries, and offering services such as monitoring, wildlife collection, dissections and international reports, the Museum plays a vital role in conservation and education about these magnificent creatures.

The Museum’s Senior Researcher of Mammals Dr Cath Kemper says “The South Australian Museum is responsible for the State’s whale and dolphin sighting database. The information held in this valuable resource is used by researchers from around the world, industry, government and non-government organisations and the public.

“The Museum’s database is considered one of the best in Australia because it is carefully vetted for accuracy of species identification and location of the sightings.

“The Museum has a long history of expertise in whale and dolphin research and this was the impetus to creating the database in the 1990s. The South Australian Whale Centre has contributed many records in the last 10 years and has been a valuable partner in improving our knowledge of these amazing creatures.”


To report whale sightings, visit the South Australian Whale Centre website


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