Iridescence: Museum Collections a Riot of Colour

08 April 2015


Drawing from the vast collections of the South Australian Museum, Iridescence is a new exhibition that examines the beautiful, shimmering wonder of the iridescent, when colour is seen despite the absence of pigment.

Opening December 12 2014 at 10am, Iridescence highlights the beauty and science behind this glistening, multi-coloured natural phenomenon. From beetles and bubbles to peacocks and pearls, iridescence has fascinated and delighted humans for millennia.

This eye catching brightness attracts us and heightens our awareness, but its unpredictable nature also keeps us on guard… now you see it, now you don’t.

Museum Director Brian Oldman says, “Iridescence is unique as it spans objects and specimens from across the Museum’s collections and beyond. It is a phenomenon that few of us ever stop to consider, yet we have always marvelled at its beauty.”

“With iridescence occurring in so many facets of nature and featuring so heavily in human cultures, it is only with collections as strong as those of the South Australian Museum that an exhibition of this breadth and beauty could be curated. We are so privileged to care for these wonderful, diverse collections.”

The exhibition is an immersive experience that will reacquaint its visitors with a fascination that has held the human race in awe for generations.

Iridescence is on at the South Australian Museum from Friday 12 December 2014 until Sunday 15 March 2015.