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December 2013

  • 16 December 2013

    First Life Unveiled in New Fossil Gallery

    After two years of preparation, the South Australian Museum will be ready to offer a new, digital, hands-on experience in its renovated First Life Ediacara Fossils Gallery: a window into the oldest complex life known on the planet. Most of the new gallery is comprised of specimens that have only ever been seen by a handful of scientists, worldwide. 

    The South Australian Museum’s talented team of scientists, designers and curators has prepared a unique space that not only allows physical access to these globally significant fossils, but captures the visitors’ imagination with iPad programs, animations and artwork on the walls and floor, which will allow children to familiarise themselves very closely with the names and shapes of these significant animals that called Australia home millions of years ago. The gallery features a wealth of specimens that have only ever been seen by a handful of scientists, worldwide, and footage from British naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough’s Emmy Award-winning series First Life, which was filmed on location in the Flinders Ranges with the Museum’s leading Palaeontologist, Professor Jim Gehling.

  • 13 December 2013

    Dinosaurs’ Predecessors Ready to Roar

    This Saturday, 14 December, the South Australian Museum will open the doors of its Special Exhibitions Gallery and take families into the fascinating, mysterious and bizarre world of the Permian Monsters.

    Filled with life-size models that move and roar, beautiful illustrations, fossil dig pits and touch-screen technology, this amazing exhibition offers a hands-on experience of life that roamed the earth before dinosaurs. Life Before Dinosaurs: The Permian Monsters runs until 10 March 2014.

  • 03 December 2013

    South Australian Museum Board Announces New Director

    The Board of the South Australian Museum today announced the appointment of Mr Brian Oldman to the position of Director.

    His appointment comes after an extensive international search which attracted highly experienced candidates from mainland Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

    The Hon Dr Jane Lomax-Smith AM, Chair of the Museum Board said “Museums are entering an exciting period of change in the way they relate to visitors and global communities. In order to grasp these opportunities our Museum needs the visionary leadership and deep knowledge of museum operations that Mr Oldman will bring.”

  • 02 December 2013

    Meet the Monsters that Ruled Before Dinosaurs

    Have you ever wondered what kind of creatures roamed the earth before our beloved dinosaurs? We all know Tyrannosaurus Rex and his friends, but what bizarre monsters were around before them?

    This summer, the South Australian Museum brings you an incredible exhibition that brings the Permian era to life. Life Before Dinosaurs: The Permian Monsters takes us back 290 million years to the time when the earth had just one ocean and one large continent – Pangaea – and strange sharks, giant insects and reptiles inhabited the world. The Permian period ended after 40 million years with the largest extinction ever known on the planet, wiping out 90% of all species.