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March 2014

  • 28 March 2014

    Ngintaka Exhibition

    The South Australian Museum is scheduled to be the first venue for a touring exhibition: Ngintaka. The exhibition content has been curated by Ananguku Arts and Culture Aboriginal Corporation. The Museum’s involvement in preparing this event has been strictly limited to exhibition installation and de-installation.

    The South Australian Museum had been made aware that authorisations may not have been obtained from all relevant traditional owners before the opening of this exhibition. The Museum did not wish the exhibition to open until it had confirmation that appropriate authorisations have been obtained from all relevant parties connected with the Ngintaka exhibition.

    The Board of the South Australian Museum has now received evidence of endorsement of the project by the APY Executive and the APY Law and Cultural Commitee.  We have been informed by the State Government that these groups are the appropriate representative bodies to make this determination.

    The Museum will therefore allow the Ngintaka exhibition to proceed as planned.


    All media and communications for this event are through Ananguku Arts and Culture Aboriginal Corporation, Amanda Werner: 0412 007 273 or

  • 05 March 2014

    Behind the Doors Book Launch

    Behind the Doors: An art history from Yuendumu

    Philip Jones with Warlukurlangu Artists

    The Yuendumu Doors are among the freshest, most remarkable documents of Aboriginal art. Painted thirty years ago at a remote desert school by artists steeped in ritual knowledge, the Doors survived against the odds. After near-obliteration by desert winds, sun, and children’s graffiti, the Doors have been conserved and their powerful designs restored.

    Behind the Doors tells the story of these remarkable visual chronicles of Warlpiri country and Dreaming. Author Philip Jones says, “This book illuminates an extraordinary moment in Australian art history, and its aftermath.”