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February 2016

  • 26 February 2016

    Record-breaking exhibition brings in $1M in opal donations

    The recent Opals exhibition which closed on February 14 broke Museum records for exhibition attendance, revenue generation and donations to the Museum’s collection.

    The multi-million dollar, home-grown exhibition celebrated the 100th anniversary of Australia’s national gemstone being found at Coober Pedy. It explored the 100 million year history of opal formation that has allowed our state to become the producer of 80% of the world’s precious opal.

    The exhibition also resulted in 11 specimens of rare opal valued at more than $1 million being donated to the Museum's permanent collection.

  • 06 February 2016

    SA Museum identifies world’s first opalised pearls

    The South Australian Museum has identified what are believed to be the world’s first opalised pearls, unearthed in Coober Pedy.

    The pearls have just been tested at Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation’s Lucas Heights facility using the neutron imaging instrument DINGO. They were identified as pearls by the clear concentric growth bands formed in pearl development.

    They were discovered by Dale Price and Tanja Burk from TADA Opals in an area known for opalised shells.