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November 2016

  • 04 November 2016

    Unique Aboriginal rainforest art on show at the South Australian Museum

    Emerging from a rainforest canopy and a culture spanning countless generations comes the spectacular work of Girringun artists in Queensland to the South Australian Museum.

    Having opened on 4 November, the Manggan: gather, gathers, gathering exhibition is a collection of works, created at Girringun, an Aboriginal Art Centre located in far North Queensland in between Townsville and Cairns.

    The Manggan exhibition was a project brought to the South Australian Museum by the Girringun artists who wanted to use the museum’s collections and audience to express and explore their own dynamic cultural traditions. 

  • 04 November 2016

    Aboriginal Australian art history gets the scholarship it deserves through the South Australian Museum

    A passion and curiosity for Aboriginal art and history has led Cillín Perera and his partner Giuliana Picco to form an inspiring partnership with the South Australian Museum, through the Perera-Picco Fund.

    Mr Perera and Ms Picco are generously supporting a project that will ensure Australian art history doesn’t fall through the gaps of cross-cultural translation. The Perera-Picco Fund will enable a new generation of writers and curators to work alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, producing a dynamic and comprehensive scholarship.

  • 03 November 2016

    Ground breaking archaeological research uncovers 49,000 years of undocumented human existence in arid Australia

    A paper published in Nature, the world’s most cited scientific journal, proves that humans occupied the deserts of northern South Australia and began developing sophisticated tools 10,000 years earlier than previously documented.

    Principal author and researcher Giles Hamm’s findings from the Warratyi Rock Shelter show it to contain the oldest evidence of Aboriginal occupation in South Australia. This evidence reveals new insights into modern human colonisation of Australia, unique cultural innovation and interaction with now-extinct megafauna.