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February 2017

  • 14 February 2017

    Origins of complex life on Earth first recognised in South Australia: new state fossil emblem announced

    South Australians see eye-to-eye with leading naturalist and broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough, having just selected one of the first animals to ever exist on Earth, Spriggina, as their state’s new fossil emblem.

    Spriggina, first discovered by a citizen scientist in South Australia’s outback, was chosen through a two month voting process, during which 3,571 South Australians had their say. The 555 million (approx.) year old fossil, which is only found in South Australia, best represents the state’s globally recognised geological and scientific prowess.

    On hearing of Spriggina’s selection as the South Australian state fossil emblem, Sir David said that Spriggina, which appeared in his Life on Earth series, is a very fitting state fossil emblem for South Australia.

    “Its head and segmented body suggest that it may well have had a rudimentary brain, making it, perhaps, the earliest evidence of intelligent life in the history of our planet,” said Sir David.