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December 2017

  • 22 December 2017

    Museums must change with the times

    The great museums of the world, including the British Museum, the Louvre and the Natural History Museum, evolve over time. The South Australian Museum is one of Australia’s great museums and it too must evolve to reflect changed community values.

    Over the past five years the South Australian Museum has undertaken new research, brought our world-leading collections to the fore through exhibitions and programs, and worked with communities to bring our work to light in new ways.

  • 07 December 2017

    Museum collaboration takes Aboriginal Culture to the world

    A ground-breaking partnership between the South Australian Museum (SAM) and the National Museum of Australia (NMA), will showcase Aboriginal culture on the world stage.

    Under a landmark Memorandum of Understanding signed by SAM and the NMA, the two leading cultural institutions will collaborate on three exhibitions that tell Australian stories over the next five years, with the view to touring them both nationally and internationally. The first of the three exhibitions, Yidaki: Didjeridu and the Sound of Australia, is earmarked to tour Japan in July 2018.