The South Australian Museum gets hacked!

16 October 2017

Museum Hack

On Wednesday 18 October the South Australian Museum will be turned upside down by a radical and new multisensory event - Night Hack.

For one night only, the U.S. based phenomenon Museum Hack will bring their unique museum hack tactics to the hub of cultural activity in Adelaide. In the process, the South Australian Museum will build on its Night Lab events, which are offered three times a year and engage with young adults.

Brian Oldman, Director of the South Australian Museum, said that Night Hack will combine audience participation with unexpected insights.

Night Hack will unlock the quirky facts and wonderful stories behind the South Australian Museum’s displays and artefacts,” said Mr Oldman.

“From a moose stuffed with vitriolic notes by a cross taxidermist, to a touchable display of fossils that were lifted out of the grounds of the Flinders Ranges via helicopter, the event will highlight the wonders of the Museum’s collection,” he said.

The Night Hack experience will be unique and customised through team trivia, group activities and photo challenges to highlight collection items that are not necessarily the most famous or most expensive, and led by the Museum’s younger staff.  

Deloitte South Australia and the City of Adelaide have helped support this event as an Adelaide first.

"Adelaide is known as the Festival State, but our cultural personality and cultural economy extends well beyond Mad March,” said Andrew Culley, Managing Partner of Deloitte South Australia.

“It is initiatives like Museum Hack that will continue to build Adelaide’s reputation on a global stage, spurring creativity and thinking across Adelaide.

“Attracting and engaging our young people is essential to activating the city and leveraging the fantastic facilities and collections at the South Australian Museum adds to our emerging vibrancy. We are delighted to support this initiative,” he said.

Museum Hack’s unconventional experiences first began at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and followed on to hugely popular collaborations with the American Museum of Natural History, the Brooklyn Museum and countless other museums across the United States. It now offers hundreds of tours annually, with each tour customised for the individual museum’s collections.

Dustin Growick, Audience Development and Team Lead for Science at Museum Hack said the South Australian Museum is an amazing place which holds many opportunities to engage new audiences in vibrant and unexpected ways.

“The plan for the Night Hack event is just that. To bring in new audiences to the institution so they can bring the collections to life on their own terms,” he said.

As a contemporary player on a global scale, the South Australian Museum is committed to providing audiences with new ways of experiencing and seeing with the world. It is one of only three exclusive venues in Australia chosen by Museum Hack for its first ever trip down under.