December 2012

  • 21 December 2012

    Thank you for your support in 2012!

    Thank you for following Unlocked in 2012. The staff and scientists are signing off for this year, and we wish you all a happy and safe holiday season!

    We'll be back in early 2013 with fresh stories direct from our scientists!

  • 12 December 2012

    Insect Collection Refurbishment

    The South Australian Museum is stepping into a new era for entomology as our collection site undergoes a complete refurbishment.

    The project is just one in a series that will see the stories behind our wonderful world of insects - including valuable data and high-definition photographs of the prized holotypes - beamed across the globe.

    The Museum has about two million specimens of insects, from enormous, electric-blue butterflies to tiny ants – all of extremely high research value to scientists in South Australia and around the world. However, the Museum has been contending with data stored in different formats and some mischievous 'carpet beetles' – or Anthrenus verbasci – which have destroyed parts of some of the valuable specimens.

  • 06 December 2012

    Travel Back in Time to the World's Greatest Empire

    On 8 December 2012, the South Australian Museum will invite you to step back in time to an era in which science and mathematics changed the course of history.

    Ancient Rome was rich with cultural and engineering expertise and was home to some of the world's greatest inventions.

    Visitors of all ages will get hands-on experience with models of amazing Ancient Roman machines, and admire the artwork and military uniforms of the era.

    Our special summer exhibition, Built Tough: The Awesome Roman Empire explores the magnificent technology and lifestyle of Rome nearly 2000 years ago that prepared cities for construction and armies for battle.