October 2013

  • 29 October 2013

    Layers of Treasure to be Uncovered on Kangaroo Island

    Researchers from the South Australian Museum have returned from their biannual field trip to fossil hotbeds on Kangaroo Island, with a swathe of new species to describe.

    Since fossilised animals from the early Cambrian period (half a billion years ago) were discovered at a new quarry in 2007, Museum scientists have been visiting, collecting and analysing specimens from a very special site.

  • 25 October 2013

    Bees Throw Spotlight on Extinctions During Dinosaur Era

    A paper by South Australian Museum scientist Dr Remko Leijs and colleagues that looks the way Carpenter bee extinctions mirrored dinosaur deaths millions of years ago, has this week been published in PLOS ONE.

    Dr Leijs, the University of New Hampshire’s Dr Sandra Rehan and Flinders University’s Dr Michael Schwarz have shown that Carpenter bees underwent a mass extinction event similar to that experienced by dinosaurs millions of years ago.

    Their remarkable research traced the evolution of Carpenter bees (subfamily Xylocopinae) using molecular analysis of living bees, as fossils were not available.

  • 10 October 2013

    Mystery of Ancient Egypt Diary Uncovered

    The important diary of a famous Ancient Egypt explorer who worked at the South Australian Museum has been uncovered – allowing his German-born family to visit and connect with his legacy.

    Researchers were aware of the diary of Maximillian (Max) Weidenbach – an explorer and goldminer – which was written in the 1840s.

    The diary was found just days before Weidenbach’s descendants were due to arrive at the Museum to view other items from his collection.