July 2015

  • 08 July 2015

    Uncharted territory – South Australian Museum reveals secrets of the deep ocean

    The South Australian Museum is helping to explore the deep sea floor off southern Australian. The goal is to collect and describe the creatures that live there – some up to 2000 meters below sea level. Today, World Oceans Day is a chance to reflect on these mysteries of the ocean.

    “We’ve mapped the moon and even Mars, but we know very little about our oceans and the animals that live there, especially down deep,” said Dr Andrea Crowther, Collections Manager – Marine Invertebrates, South Australian Museum.

    “Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet is the theme of World Oceans Day this year and it’s a chance to put the spotlight on these unexplored ecosystems,” Dr Crowther said.

    “We need to know what healthy ocean systems look like so that we can protect them and monitor changes over time.”