Staff in the Evolutionary Biology Unit

Ms Leanne Wheaton is Collection Manager of the Australian Biological Tissues Collection (ABTC).

Professor Steve Donnellan, Chief Research Scientist, Head of the Evolutionary Biology Unit (EBU), Head of and the Senior Collection Manager of the ABTC, is a molecular geneticist with broad biological interests.

Professor Steve Cooper, Principal Research Scientist, is a molecular geneticist and molecular ecologist with research interests in invertebrate and vertebrate groups.

Mr Mark Adams, Senior Research Scientist, is an expert in molecular techniques, especially the application of allozymes in systematics.

Dr Terry Bertozzi, Research Scientist - Bioinformatics, investigates the organisation and evolution of genomes.

Mr Terry Reardon, Technical Officer, has a research focus on the study and conservation of Australasian bats.

Kathleen M. Saint is the Facility Manager for the South Australian Regional Facility for Molecular Ecology and Evolution.


Honorary Research Associate

Dr Remko Leijs is an Honorary Research Associate in EBU and in Terrestrial Invertebrates with interests in stygofauna, troglofauna and native bees.