Staff in Terrestrial Invertebrates


Dr Peter Hudson is the Collection Manager for the Entomology and Collembola Collections.

Associate Professor Mark Stevens, Senior Research Scientist, has broad interests in invertebrates, but has a particular focus on Collembola.  He also works on Hymenoptera and Crustacea. 


Honorary Research Associates

Dr Remko Leijs is an Honorary Research Associate in Terrestrial Invertebrates and in the Evolutionary Biology Unit with interests in stygofauna, troglofauna and native bees.

Dr Eric G. Matthews focuses on the taxonomy of Tenebrionidae and Scarabaeidae (Coleoptera).

Dr Chris Watts studies the taxonomy and systematics of aquatic beetles of Australia.


Honorary Associate

Ms Jan Forrest (OAM) began work at the Museum in 1963 and retired as Senior Collection Manager in Terrestrial Invertebrates on her retirement in 2011.  Currently, Jan is focusing on the installation of a broad diversity of terrestrial invertebrate fauna into the Museum’s South Australian Biodiversity Gallery.