Staff and Collaborators in Fossils

Assoc Prof Mike Lee (Senior Research Scientist) works on a wide range of fossil and living taxa, including the evolution of reptiles, the Cambrian explosion, rates of anatomical and genetic evolution, and integrating the molecular and palaeontological approaches to understanding the history of life on Earth.  He is especially interested in using Bayesian approaches to understanding major patterns of evolution.

Affililate Prof Jim Gehling (Senior Research Scientist) supported by Ms Mary-Anne Binnie (Collection Manager, Palaeontology), Dennis Rice (Honorary Associate) and volunteers: Vicki Piper, Coralie Peddie, Jan Perry, Don Reid, Dr. Carolyn Ireland, Frank Peddie, Max Ellis and Felicity Coutts, work with international colleagues including Prof Mary Droser (University of California, Riverside) on palaeoecological, palaeoenvironmental and systematic research on the famous fossils of the Ediacara biota of the Flinders Ranges, and especially at the National Heritage Listed Ediacara Fossil Site - Nilpena. Dr Richard Jenkins (Honorary Research Associate) continues to work on systematics and palaeoenvironments of the Ediacara biota.

Assoc Prof Jim Jago (University of South Australia and Honorary Research Associate), Dr Diego García-Bellido (Senior Research Fellow University of Adelaide and Honorary Research Associate), Assoc Prof John Paterson (University of New England and Honorary Research Associate), and Dr Greg Edgecombe (Research Scientist Natural History Museum, UK) and Dr Pierre Kruse (Honorary Research Associate) supported by Mike Gemmell (Manager, Information Centre), Ms Mary-Anne Binnie (Collection Manager, Palaeontology) and volunteers Ronda Atkinson, Katrina Kenny and Natalie Schroeder work on fossils from the Cambrian of South Australia including the excavation and description of Early Cambrian fossils from a special deposit near Emu Bay on Kangaroo Island and elsewhere in the Mt Lofty and Flinders Ranges.

Mr Neville Pledge (Honorary Research Associate) is continuing to describe Cainozoic marsupial and whale fossils from Australia, assisted by volunteers Jennifer Thurmer, Margorie Jones and John Light.

Assoc Prof Rod Wells (Honorary Research Associate) and Dr Gavin Prideaux (Honorary Associate, Flinders University) are active in their research on key Pleistocene vertebrate deposits of South Australia including cave deposits on the Nullarbor plains, Kangaroo Island and the World Heritage-listed Naracoorte Caves, and alluvial deposits in the Burra area of South Australia. Dr Trevor Worthy (Flinders University, Honorary Research Associate) specialises in relationships of fossil birds and is currently working on newly discovered vertebrate fossils from New Zealand. Prof John Long (Flinders University) is doing ground-breaking research on the earliest fossil fish from Western Australia.

Ms Mary-Anne Binnie (Collection Manager) is researching the environmental distribution of microfossils from Quaternary marine sediments of South Australia.