Sponsor profile: Newmont Asia Pacific

Newmont is one of the South Australian Museum’s most longstanding corporate partners, generously supporting the Museum since 1997.

Formerly Normandy Mining, Newmont Asia Pacific’s early support allowed for the development and delivery of the world-renowned Australian Aboriginal Cultures Gallery. Today, the gallery is a gateway to Aboriginal Australia that welcomes over 700,000 visitors annually, and is a culmination of the Museum’s far-reaching engagement with Aboriginal communities across Australia.

In 2010 Newmont Asia Pacific and the South Australian Museum initiated a five year research project through the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grants program to develop biosensors and bioindicators for gold exploration and processing. This new technology will provide cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable techniques for improving exploration success and optimising ore processing.

In 2011 both organisations commenced an innovative three year partnership which was purposefully designed to make new and significant cultural information accessible to Australian Aboriginal communities for the benefit of current and future generations.

The partnership also seeks to support the Museum in respectfully and authentically communicating this information to a broader Australian and international audience, in partnership with Australian Aboriginal communities, to successfully tell the story of the richness and diversity of Australia’s Indigenous cultures.

The partnership was founded strongly on Newmont Asia Pacific’s global mission to demonstrate leadership in social responsibility, in combination with the longstanding commitment of both organisations, to far-reaching and respectful engagement with Australian Aboriginal communities.