Dr Chris Watts

Honorary Research Associate Entomology

+61 8 8207 7478


Chris joined the Museum in 1983 when the Evolutionary Biology Unit was administratively transferred from the South Australian Department of Agriculture to the South Australian Department for the Arts.  He became Chief Scientist and Administrator of the Division of Natural Science, then Head of the Division. An early task for Chris was acting as the Museum’s contact person during construction of the, then, new Natural Science building followed by major refurbishment of the North Terrace building.  Chris retired in 2002 when he became an Honorary Research Associate.


Research Interests

Taxonomy and systematics of aquatic beetles of Australia.                           

Current Research Projects 

Systematics of Australian Marsh Beetles (Scirtidae).  S.J.B. Cooper, R. Leys.  Ongoing Australian Biological Resources Study, $5000.

Pictorial keys to Australian Aquatic beetles. C. Watts.  Field Naturalist of South Australia, $3000.

Taxonomy of subterranean Dytiscidae (carnivorous diving beetles). C. Watts.

Taxonomy of larval Dytiscidae (carnivorous diving beetles).  C. Watts.


Professional Associations                   

  • Councillor, Royal Society of South Australia



  • BSc (Hons), University of Adelaide (1963)
  • DPhil, Oxford University (1966)


Media Expertise

Fresh water beetles of South Australia - their ecology, biodiversity and as indicators of the health of water bodies. 



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Downloadable e-publications co-authored by Dr Chris Watts

Watts and Hamon: Pictorial Guide to the Australian Whirligig Beetles.

Watts and Hamon: Pictorial Guide to the Diving Beetles of South Australia


Hygrobidae publication

Water beetles publication

Click on the images above to download the pdfs.