Built Tough: The Awesome Roman Empire

08 December 2012–11 March 2013

10am-5pm daily
Special Exhibition Gallery, Ground Floor


$13 adults
$10 concession
$7 children (5-16)
$30 family (2+2)
School groups please call 8207 7429

Get hands-on with working models of machines that changed history!

This summer, step back in time and discover how Roman technology worked.

Looking at city skyscrapers and the cranes that build them, it's hard to imagine that cranes were used in Ancient Rome. They didn't have engines – they used muscle to make it work! Built Tough can help you learn about life in Roman times, nearly 2000 years after the height of the Empire.

Explore Roman technology and inventions through working machines and models that have been built with the same materials and techniques that Romans used thousands of years ago. The technology of the Roman Empire gave them power and wealth and has influenced so many aspects of modern life.

Come and plot your strategy against the Roman army's tactics or put yourself in the potter's wheel. You'll see gladiator armour, frescoes and also find out more about fun in ancient Rome. Gladiators were not the only game of the time; Romans played with counters and dice as well.

Built Tough: the Awesome Roman Empire brings ancient and lost technology from the Roman Empire to life.


Built Tough from South Australian Museum on Vimeo.