12 December 2014–15 March 2015

10am–5pm daily
Special Exhibition Gallery, Ground Floor


Adult $13
Concession $10
Child (U16) $7
Family $30 (2 adults + 2 children)

Special offer 2-6 March, 40% off Iridescence merchandise

Iridescence is the phenomenon of brilliant colours that seem to change with movement. Shimmering all around us, it is present in bubbles, oil slicks, pearls, peacocks, Christmas beetles and minerals.

The South Australian Museum’s Iridescence exhibition highlights the beauty and science behind the glistening, multicoloured natural phenomenon in animals, plants and nature.

Each of the works included in the exhibition have been chosen to emphasise the appeal of iridescence across cultures, class and age, and aims to inspire curiousity and delight among visitors.

The exhibition includes iridescent examples seen in Aboriginal pearl shells, opalised ammonite fossils, beetles and butterflies, birds, peacock spiders and even a pair of boots, showcasing the many rainbow-like qualities found in nature and culture. 

Discover its beauty for yourself.


What our visitors are saying:

"Oh ma gawd, rainbows!"

"Brings physics to life!"

"Great exhibition, visually entrancing"

"Absolutely beautiful"

"Thank you! Aged 2-53... all enjoyed!"

"A bitter argument arose, beetle versus butterfly. Beetle wins."