The Children’s Voice

Child in the Pacific Cultures Gallery with an iPad.

17 September 2014–03 October 2014

10am-5pm daily
North Foyer, Ground floor



The artworks in the exhibition are the children’s recreations of their favourite objects, after multiple visits to the Pacific Cultures Gallery and the Elder Wing (Art Gallery of South Australia).

We invited 24 four-year-old children from four preschools to visit the South Australian Museum and Art Gallery of South Australia. Education Managers, teachers, artists and parents observed the children’s connections with the physical space, and how they conducted meaning from that space.

The Project began in January 2014, with the children visiting the galleries on three occasions. Children were given iPads to document their favourite objects, while adults observed and recorded how the children used the space. Artists then worked with the children to recreate their favourite artefact from the galleries in 2D and 3D forms. 

The knowledge we learned from the research will be used to develop educational programs for other Early Years children. 

The Children’s Voice exhibition is a collaborative research project to learn how cultural institutions can support children as researchers of the world.

The Children’s Voice is a joint research project between the Department of Education and Child Development, the South Australian Museum and the Art Gallery of South Australia, inspired by the principles of Reggio Emilia.

It is part of the Museums Alive for Under 5s project, supported by a grant from the Minister for Education and Child Development to the South Australian Museum Foundation.