Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize 2018

Emma Kelly

08 June 2018–05 August 2018

10am - 5pm
South Australian Museum


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The Waterhouse exhibition contains finalists' pieces from Australia’s premier natural science art prize and commemorates the birth of the South Australian Museum’s first curator, Frederick George Waterhouse. The prize invites established and emerging artists to present their perspectives on the scientific issues facing our planet, and the exhibition ignites thought and debate among viewers.

The exhibition comprises finalist entries as selected by internationally recognised judges and is a compelling display of science seen through the eyes of compelling artists.

Winners announced

The winners for the open and emerging artist categories have been announced!

Open artist category


Canberra artist, Erica Seccombe has been announced the winner of the 2018 Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize with her video, Metamorphosis.

Erica’s practice spans from traditional and photographic print media and since 2006 she has been an artist and resident teacher at the Australian National University’s Department of Applied Mathematics and Vizlab, National Computational Infrastructure.

Judges’ comments:

The winner of the Open section was the video work Metamorphosis by Erica Seccombe. In the unanimous view of the judging panel, Seccombe profoundly captured the spirit of the prize with a work that took as its foundation the ordinarily unseen intersection between science and art. Metamorphosis represents a deep collaboration between scientific and aesthetic enquiry, with the tools of one being instrumental to the realisation of the other. While at one level the video documents the metamorphosis of a pupating fly, from maggot to fully formed insect, at another it works to enlarge our understanding of the mysterious cycles of life itself.

Emerging artist category

the great forgetting

Also hailing from the Canberra region, artist Hayley Lander has been named the winner of the Emerging artist category in the 2018 Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, with her piece The great forgetting.

Judges’ comments:

The winner of the Emerging section was the work The great forgetting by Hayley Lander. The highly considered, painterly sophistication of Lander’s work impressed the judging panel, who felt it belied her relative inexperience. While an affecting and poignant study in natural history, at one level, the work employed compositional devices more familiar to traditional trompe l’oeil painting at another. The unexpectedly surrealist scaffolding and counter-weighting of its principal subject – eucalyptus leaves in various states of decay – made it a compelling choice.