Winning Sky Photos: the David Malin Awards 2012

31 May 2013–07 July 2013

10am–5pm daily
Special Exhibition Gallery, Ground Floor



Be awestruck by spectacular photographs of the Australian night sky.

This stunning exhibition features 24 images from the annual astrophotography competition, the David Malin Awards 2012.

It aims to encourage photographers to use their vision, imagination and skill to produce inspiring and beautiful images of the sky.

The pictures on display range from spectacular wide field solar system images of planets and the Sun, to deep space images of nebula and the Southern Milky Way, as well as images taken in cities and the outback.

If you have an interest in astronomy, photography and the unique Australian environment, you will be truly inspired by the images in this exhibition.

The competition is organised by the Central West Astronomical Society and inspired by the world-renowned astronomy photographer and competition judge, Dr David Malin.

The David Malin Awards competition is organised by the Central West Astronomical Society as part of their annual AstroFest held at Parkes, NSW. The support of Canon Australia and the CSIRO's Australia Telescope National Facility is acknowledged. The tour of the exhibition is organised by Sydney Observatory and the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.