Entomology Digitisation Project

Throughout the 150 year history of the South Australian Museum entomologists and other scientists have contributed to the scientific community by naming newly-discovered species. The specimens that are described in the articles establishing those names are called holotypes, and these are among the most significant specimens in the Museum.

Notable scientists from the South Australian Museum, including Norman B Tindale, Arthur Mills Lea, Reverend Canon Thomas Blackburn, JGO Tepper, Shelley Barker, and Gordon Gross have published descriptions of diverse species of insects, contributing knowledge about this important part of nature.

Naming and understanding the species around us helps us preserve and understand biodiversity. It helps us talk to other scientists about ecosystems, and track changes in the environment. One of our responsibilities as part of an international community of museums and other biological collections is to keep these holotypes safe and make them accessible for scientists who need to use them.

Some of these extraordinarily valuable specimens are being photographed for online publication on the Atlas of Living Australia. South Australian Museum scientists continue working on taxonomy today, among other research projects, with the most recent species featured in this gallery named by Museum Honorary Research Associates Robert Lavigne, Chris Watts and Remko Leijs in the last few years.