Out of the Glass Case


Out of the Glass Case is specially designed to bring the South Australian Museum to you. We understand that not everyone can come to us.

If you are interested in becoming a host school for your community, please contact us.

There is no cost to host or participate in the Out of the Glass Case Program. By hosting or participating, you are giving students and the wider community the opportunity to have a hands-on experience with natural science and engage with scientists leading in their field.

The program provides:

  • innovative outreach programs to engage children, students and adults of all ages
  • community access to the Museum’s stories, collections and research
  • a high level of engagement with up-to-date, scientific research
  • interactive experiences with the Museum's collections
  • face-to-face access to experts in their field
  • promotion of cultural connections, pride and leadership, and
  • an opportunity for discussions on career pathways in science, natural history and cultures.


Out of the Glass Case is proudly supported by Beach Energy

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