Deep sea shark collected by a Museum volunteer aboard the _Southern Surveyor_.

Museum volunteer with a deep sea dogfish (Deania species) aboard the Research Vessel Southern Surveyor.

Research overview

The Ichthyology Collection is primarily used for research focused on the taxonomy and phylogeography of various fish groups from the Australian region. This is being conducted by researchers from the South Australian Museum and from other Australian and overseas institutions.

South Australian Museum Honorary Research Associate Dr Michael Hammer led an exhaustive review of freshwater fish specimens in the collection (Hammer et al. 2012) to link with various projects, such as the South Australian State Vertebrate List and the State Action Plan for Freshwater Fishes. This involved examination of specimens and accompanying data to verify identifications and provide accurate documentation for faunal mapping and referencing. This research has significant implications for the environmental management of several threatened species and has led to the identification of new species for the State.

Dr Hammer is now Curator of Fishes at the Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory.

For more details about fish research at the South Australian Museum, see the project titles on the right hand side.

The South Australian Museum welcomes approaches by bona fide researchers from other institutions to access the Ichthyology Collection for research purposes.  Contact the Collection Manager, Ralph Foster, for more details.



Hammer, M. P, Adams, M., and Foster, R. (2012). Update to the catalogue of South Australian freshwater fishes (Petromyzontida & Actinopterygii). Zootaxa 3593: 59–74.