Undescribed Camponotus Ants in Australia

Three ants from undescribed species of Camponotus

Three ants from undescribed species of Camponotus. In the study below these ants are specimens number 534, 810 and 795 from groups 39, 24 and 42 respectively.

Undescribed but recognised new species of Camponotus ants from Australia held in the South Australian Museum

By Archie McArthur OAM

There are over a hundred genera of ants in Australia with one genus, Camponotus, comprising 143 described species all of which may be recognised by referring to A Guide to Camponotus ants of Australia, McArthur, 2014.

There are, however, many pinned specimens of undescribed species of Camponotus in the South Australian Museum.

These specimens have been sorted morphologically into 45 groups which can be seen in the current study.

Combinations of the characters which define the groups are shown in Table 1 on Page 2.

Photos of heads of ants are shown in numerical order on pages 4 to 56 followed by photos of their side views pages 57 to 116.

Coordinates of the localities of the numbered ants are shown on pages 117-122.

This study adds to distributional and biological data about the taxa and may contribute to the eventual recognition and description of new species.

Undescribed Camponotus Ants in Australia (PDF 16.3 MB)